Electric Generator for Model Engine

Introducing the NEW BLUE THUNDER SERIES generator for model steam engines!
The predecessors of this generator were originally developed as rugged teaching aids for use by my students during a series of physics demonstrations almost four years ago.
While designing my experiment, I quickly found that commercially available generators, such as those built by Jensen or Wilesco, were not an option as they did not provide any truly meaningful power at low rpms and they were prohibitively expensive. My search for an alternative to these gave birth to what you see today in this website.

Due to their success on EBAY, I continued to build them and steadily improve upon my original design as I strived to satisfy my customer's needs. This slow progression has culminated in their transformation from a high output laboratory tool into an elegant and effective generator that can sit proudly side by side the wonderful steam engines that it was designed to be powered by.
Over the years, following the input of my customers, two main product lines have been developed to accomodate distinctly different types of model engines:
  1. Generators - Model Steam Engines: Intended for use by model steam engines such as those manufactured by Jensen, Wilesco, Mamod, SEL, Fleishmann, Marklin, just to name a few.
  2. Generator Conversion Kits for Jensen Steam EnginesThese carefully crafted kits will help you convert your existing Jensen 25 & 70 into a compact powerplant similar to Jensen's 25G and 70G.