so effective a child can power it!

The following video is provided courtesy of D. Enns, a great customer who powers his model train using a Wilesco D18 and a new generation Blue Thunder generator.

Blue Thunder & Model Train

These generators  are so effective that turning a few degrees in either direction generates enough to power to light up 75 large LED's and the built in Lamp Post... Here is my son, I just could not resist showing him and how much he loves the "laser beams" he can power with his hand!

No rpms required... just turn a few degrees!

The videos below represent a compilation of videos from a canadian customer that has run my generators through more test that I have. I offer this as a resource to buyers to observe the my generator, actually a larger model, being powered by a variety of engines.

Jensen 70 Powering Psantama Generator

SteamCo STCO.01 Powering Psantama Generator

Wilesco D18 Powering Psantama Generator


Mamod SE2a

Jensen 55

Wilesco D22

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